The Post Social Media Club is a collaborative research project that explores and speculates on alternative digital futures.

This collaborative project invited 25 European creatives of mixed disciplines from Sweden, Greece, Serbia, France and Turkey to participate in a series of expert-led design masterclasses, engage in a weeklong production-based residency/hackathon in Sweden and finally, host five simultaneous exhibitions across Europe showcasing alternative futures.

The project was led by STPLN (SE) partnered with four creative hubs Volumes (FR), Nova Iskra (SR), ATÖLYE (TR) and bios (GR) and ran from 2020-2022.

The project was divided into three modules.


The Vortex 

The Vortex is a series of 4 expert-led masterclasses designed to provide foundational insights and prerequisite knowledge in the field of speculative design, design thinking and the post social media landscape.

Find out more here.


The Lab 

A weeklong artist residency in 2022 brought all the 25 creatives together at STPLN in Malmö, Sweden. During this week, they participated in a production-based residency to create interdisciplinary works. The focus was on experimenting with new techniques, collaborating between mediums, and working on bringing ideas to life through a design-thinking methodology.

Check out the video documentation from the week here.


The Showcase 

An exhibition-styled event happening at 5 locations across Europe simultaneously. 

See the results here.